Thursday, January 19, 2012

Senator Rodriguez election blog

The English bill supports that everything in America will be English. If the English bill is passed the other ethnic groups could lose their culture.  I decided to not support the English bill even though the technology sector needed my bill to go through the senate. It came with positive feedback and the protest will be helpful to my reelection campaign. I could not be more excited.

The welfare agencies in our state have been working with a large diverse state. There are people speaking out about the inefficiencies of the program in the nation. The general public is in favor of this. I decided to support the welfare reform act. It is overall beneficial for the community more so than not. This was a great choice because the general public was already in favor of this. With choosing this I now have a compassionate edge over my competitor. This will be great come election time. I am especially grateful because this is something I truly believe in.

I was invited to speak at an annual convention for an interest group that promotes limiting immigration levels and enforcing border control. If I were to accept the invitation I could give my voters the wrong image of me. I declined my invitation. I somewhat support the immigration bill but the interest group is a little too extreme for my favor. Also, with the large immigration families in my state, accepting the invitation could be crucial come election time. Also, it was nice to see all the positive feedback for my side on this bill. 

A celebrity offered me an endorsement. I took the endorsement from the celebrity. I believed it was a good choice. It may have not been the best decision for my campaign but it will help find new ways to campaign. Also, I thanked the celebrity very much for the endorsement. I could not be more thankful!

I won my bid for re-election! I could not be more excited. Thank you to everyone . I would like to thank the group that arranged the protest, the feedback about the immigration bill, everyone who supported me on the decision of the welfare reform act, and the celebrity for the endorsement. I cannot wait to be your senator! In the next term as your senator, you should see my decisions on bills will be on the state I am in not just my personal views. Thank you!